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New Homes Construction

Before your new home is built, it’s important to sit down with an experienced electrical contractor and go over the specific needs of your electrical system.

The first step is planning how everything will fit together. Adding power to your new home is a vital part of the building process.

As the homeowner, it’s important that you understand the electrical usage in your home. Accurately planning your electrical system will eventually determine how much electricity you’ll need to supply to your new home.  It’s important that you take the time to plan a system that will fulfill all of your electrical needs.

A few things you’ll want to consider during the planning stages of your electrical system may include the following:

  • What types of lights are wanted in each room?
  • The number of outlets wanted in every room of the house and where they need to be located.
  • You will need to consider things like home entertainment systems, television hookups, electrical water heaters, security systems and appliances.

All of these factors will determine the amount of power you will need in your home. The first person you should discuss these electrical needs would be your architect or builder. They will be anxious to get a good understanding of your electrical needs during the initial designing phase.

Advanced Electric of North Florida has well trained and experienced technicians to ensure the electrical component in your new home provides what your family actually needs.

For expert help in planning and installing your new home electrical system, please call us at: 904.744.4446

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