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Pergola and Outdoor Lighting

Advanced Electric of North Florida has experienced electrical crews to ensure you and your family has a positive and gratifying experience with any type of outdoor lighting.

Adding outdoor lighting options will enhance the beauty and creates a distinguished outdoor living space to any home.

Built in Lighting
Consider small built-in lights that provide background area lighting to the Pergola.  It provides a warm glow without diminishing the ambiance of the atmosphere.

Hanging Lights
Hanging lights provide an exclusive style to your outdoor design.  No matter the size of your area, hanging lights provide brightness while still looking stylish and finished.

Mounted Light Fixtures
Mounted fixtures usually function as guiding lights to the area, but can also provide needed light to almost any outdoor space.

String Lights
Stringing pretty bright white lights throughout the area will create a fun yet comfortable atmosphere.  Stringing lights is one of the more popular ways that designers add lighting to any outdoor structure.

Up Lighting
This style of lighting can be affixed to the bottom of Pergola posts and can be installed in either the flooring of the Pergola or the ground under the structure.  In most instances, upward lighting is usually soft, dim, and naturally appealing.

For expert help in planning and installing outdoor lighting to enhance the beauty of your home, please call us at: 904.744.4446

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