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JEA Meter Can “Jaw” Repairs

Are some of your 220 volt items like stove, water heater, or A/C not working, or are your lights flickering, getting bright then dim, or going off and coming back on a short time later. These are just a few of the symptoms of problems within your meter can where the JEA glass meter plugs into.

These repairs are the home owner’s responsibility. There are service sizes ranging from old 60 amp services to 400 amp services with meter jaws that have a “meter” plugged into them leaving you no indication that there is a problem. The only way to access the inside of the can to check is to either call JEA or hire a private licensed electrical contractor to pull a permit and open the can to inspect it for needed repairs.

Underground Service:
JEA services fed underground from a pad mount transformer require scheduling between the electrical contractor and JEA, and can be done on an emergency basis but scheduling the day before is the preferred way if possible.

Overhead Services:
JEA services fed overhead on a pole can be done by an electrical contractor after a permit is pulled by contacting JEA to disconnect power at the pole. The City of Jacksonville inspection department will be required to inspect repairs prior to JEA making permanent connections and resealing the meter can, but temporary reconnects can be done by the contractor.

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