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Switch and Outlet Changes

Depending on when your house was built the quality of outlet devices used can vary. Older homes have 2 Prong devices and after years and years of being plugged into and unplugged outlets can get loose causing cords to droop when items are plugged in to them. This can cause a loose connection and burn up the cord on your item you are plugging in to the outlet and even burn the outlets up and attached wiring. There are certain code requirements that have to be considered before you change these devices, licensed electrical contractors know these and should be used for this type of job for you and your family’s safety.

The switches in your house are used more than any other item and can get worn out after years of use. There are many kinds of switches, single pole, 2 poles, 3 ways, and 4 ways. Not to mention colors and styles. Below are a few styles you can choose from if you are looking to replace devices in your house. Most switches are available in white, ivory, brown, black, and grey. Also dimmers can replace most switches for operation of recess lights and chandeliers as well as many other lights.

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