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Why Hire a Licensed Electrician?

The bottom line is, working with electricity is dangerous, meaning any electrical work is best left in the hands of an experienced licensed electrician.

A Licensed Electrician Means Safety:

Licensed electricians can bring an element of safety to any electrical project. The problem with a nonprofessional doing an electrical installation or repair is that working with electricity is tricky and potentially dangerous. It’s important that the person knows exactly what they are doing in order to avoid personal injury or property damage.

A Licensed Electrician Is Cost-Effective:

Licensed electricians can often save you money in the long run. Of course, something like an electrical fire resulting from improperly completed work can be costly, but poorly functioning circuits also have the potential to damage appliance motors, ruin electronic gears, and otherwise harm your electrical devices.

At Advanced Electric of North Florida:

  • We are Licensed by the State of Florida
  • We are properly trained.
  • We are up-to-date with National, State, and Local codes.
  • We carry workers compensation and proper insurance and bonds.
  • You know how to contact us.
  • We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • We take your safety seriously.

Call: 904.744.4446  “You’ll be talking to an Experienced Electrician in less than 10 minutes.”

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