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Spa and Pool Circuits

Advanced Electric of North Florida works with several Jacksonville Pool and Spa companies to provide a cost effective and code complainant electrical job for home owners looking to invest in a Pool or Spa. There are many safety concerns for you to consider when wiring for these and all home owners should hire a licensed electrical contractor to perform this type of job.

We provide free estimates for these types of jobs to ensure all aspects of the job are covered from electrical requirements for your equipment to aesthetics and practicality of what is installed. Call and schedule for your free estimate today.

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Why GFCI Protection?

A GFCI constantly monitors the flow of current through a protected lighting fixture, pump motor or appliance circuit and senses any loss of current to an outside path. If the current flowing into an electrical appliance or fixture differs by a very small amount from what flowsback out, the GFCI instantly interrupts the current flow to prevent a sustained, lethal level of electricity from reaching the consumer. The consumer may feel a painful shock but should be protected from electrocution.

The National Electrical Code (NEC) requires GFCI protection for cord- and plug-connected pumps on pools, spas, and hot tubs; 120-volt underwater lighting fixtures; and receptacle outlets in the vicinity of pools, spas and hot tubs. Today, the code prohibits electrical installations closer than five feet from water and requires GFCI protection for all electrical equipment, including 240-volt equipment located five to 10 feet from the water and for receptacles within a 20-foot perimeter.

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